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She wants to help women have the coca-cola bottle shape: A chat with Awa Kejera Fatty
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She wants to help women have the coca-cola bottle shape: A chat with Awa Kejera Fatty

She’s undoubtedly one of the most gorgeous young Gambian women in the United Kingdom. Awa Kejera Fatty wants to help girls shrink their waist and appear more attractive.

With the support of her husband, she recently started a business that sells waist cinchers online.  In this interview, Awa tells us more about her business and why women should train their waist.

What’s On-Gambia:How did you start selling waist clinchers?

Awa: Before I had my son I was so happy with how flat my tummy was. I had no problem with my figure or anything that has to do with back pain etc., but then when I had my son everything changed.

I came across this amazing waist cincher corset and it worked. And I thought those women struggling with their tummy or figure deserve to know about the waist cincher.  I started looking around and gathering more information about it.

Why is the general appearance of the waist so important to young ladies like you?

Having a smaller waistline is important to me. I like having those curves. I like to keep trim. My clothes look and fit better, which also makes me feel better about myself. I guess that’s part of my identity. The hourglass body shape is the most desired figure. Keeping that curved waist is important.

Who're your customers?

People order from many countries like in the UK, USA, Norway and The Gambia.

So you want Gambian girls to shrink their waistlines?

I want all ladies to look confident enough in their skins. Look sexy, healthy, young and most importantly to have that hourglass shape.

How many times in the day do you have to wear the waist cincher?

We recommend you wear your cincher for only 2-4 hours a day for the first week, then gradually increase the hours of wear to 8-10 hours.


Is there any health risk associated with it?

Not really. It corrects posture and provides enhanced back support. Also great for postnatal recovery. Some doctors recommend it.

According to some people, the best way to train the waist is to eat less and move more. What is your take on that?

The best way to train your waist, you have to start with tightening your waist a little every day, eat healthy and exercise. Our hourglass waist cincher does its own job.

Do you think a woman's physical appearance is very important in a relationship?

Nowadays, appearance plays a large role in a relationship. Women need to have perfectly sculpted thighs and flat stomachs because some men prefer to have beautiful representation (laughs).

What are your top 3 tips to stay sexy, young and pretty?

Take care of your skin; be young in attitude, regardless of your age, to stay sexy. Healthy food and regular exercise. Dress not only stylish but to accentuate your body, update your hair and makeup, think young (it's all a state of mind anyway).


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