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She was abandoned as a baby: The story of Aisha Krubally
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She was abandoned as a baby: The story of Aisha Krubally

Aisha Krubally doesn’t know her biological parents. Now 20 years of age, she was abandoned as a toddler and has given up any hope of reuniting with them. Yet, she isn’t bitter about the circumstances of her birth and upbringing.

 “I can never hate my unknown mother; she has a special place in my heart. I cherish her and will always do. I believe everything happens for a reason.” she told What’s On Gambia.  

Aisha, who was living at the SOS Children’s Village in Bakoteh, continued: “It wasn’t difficult growing up because I had the best family at the SOS Children’s Village. They loved me endlessly!”

When asked if she wants to discover anything about her past, Aisha said: “In my case, I think that will be difficult because there are no clues to pursue.”

Aisha thanked SOS Children’s Village for providing her a warm and loving home.

She said: “The SOS Children’s Village in The Gambia is here to strengthen existing family ties and enable children who are at risk of losing parental care to grow up in a loving home. At SOS, we are properly taken care of and send to the best schools in the country. At the age of 14, you move to the youth facility where you are taught different types of things such as cooking. They are really trying for Gambian children!”

The 20-year-old is now attending Stratford College. She is sponsored by the charity, WeAid Gambia to study International Relations and Political Science.

“I have a big dream of starting my own charity that will be helping the less privileged kids and also empower them.  I am counting on anyone who is willing to help me achieve this,” said Aisha.

Aisha Krubally would like to thank the following people for playing a significant role in her life:

SOS mothers, SOS aunts, Director of SOS Children’s Villages-Gambia and her entire staff, National Director of SOS Madam Oumie Taal and her staff, Pateh Baldeh, Aunty BintaSenghore and her husband, Mariam Camara (Yam Njie) and her family and my best friend,  YaFatou BM Jobe. 


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