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Sillaba woo Sillaba: Is he mentally stable?
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Sillaba woo Sillaba: Is he mentally stable?

It seems Sillaba Samateh is on the brink of a mental breakdown.

The famous Holland-based 419ner has recently started posting videos online portraying himself as an important political activist. He speaks on a range of political subjects in Mandinka.

In the most recent video on Sillaba’s Facebook page and shared by Fatou Camara, he appears incoherent and jumping between topics in an erratic fashion.

Fans and critics alike are becoming increasingly concerned about his current mental state.

Sillaba in the past few years has allegedly done a lot of things that a normal person would not do.

In addition to accusations that he committed incest with two of his nieces, the 419ner once leaked naked photos of his ex-wife in the USA. He was furious after she walked out on him.

A source said Sillaba is “utterly disgusting”.

 “I am not a fan of Jammeh, but Sillaba is not the right person to point fingers. In fact, he has no narrating technics. He talks too slowly and never gets to the point.”


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