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Singer A2 set to release new album
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Singer A2 set to release new album

In what will be a significant milestone in his musical career, A2 Di Fulani is set to release his new album this November.

The album “Boy Poulo” is an assortment of different songs that will once again spice up the industry and re-assert the artist’s creative genius to his continuously expanding audience. This project comes at a time when A2 is making waves on international platforms, filling places, and performing in front of thousands of music lovers.

A2's career and rise to stardom

A2 Di Fulani was born and raised in Basse. His love for music started at an early age as an enthusiastic follower of reggae/ dancehall music. This would later set the foundation for his musical journey. He attended primary and middle schools in Basse before moving to Kotu Senior Secondary School where he completed high school.

In this November, he will be releasing the “Boy Poulo” album,

Before the dawn of his professional career in 2013-14, he used to copy songs from his favourite riddims and sing them, a hobby which inspired him to write his own lyrics. A2 shook the music industry, releasing game-changing songs including collaborations with other Gambian artists before hitting the international limelight. A skillful combination of talent and melody propelled the artist’s songs to a broader global audience.

Releasing “Tatewo” has brought unprecedented international dimension to A2’s music. Because of this song, he told us, he was nominated in the All Africa Music Award (AFRIMA) for the African Best Reggae Dancehall Artist of The Year Award. This success was followed by an EP (The Fulani) which composed of 7 Fulani songs, featuring Tati Tati & Zaga Boy. He has since earned the admiration of music lovers from across the sub-region, especially in countries inhabited by the Fulani.

A2 is not only an icon of entertainment but also a leading voice of cultural preservation. This is manifested in his soon-to-be-released debut album (Boy Poulo) which drew inspiration from his own growth, his culture and origin, and the urge to represent himself and birthplace on the global stage. According to him, he has been working on the project, alongside people he described as amazing, to make sure it’s “a masterpiece.”

As part of his accomplishments, he sold out a 10,000-plus arena in Guinea Bissau during Tobaski and has had a series of international gigs. He has been called to Ivory Coast, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Gabon, and Ghana. He hopes to tour these places including Europe after the release of his highly anticipated album this November.

The artist also had a period working at Royal Insurance Gambia shortly after completing high school. Having worked with the company for five years, he quit to fully focus on music. He now boasts of paying his own salary and those of his staff through music.

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