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Smokedoctah denies any sabotage against Killa Ace
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Smokedoctah denies any sabotage against Killa Ace

In a move that seems all too unfamiliar in the Gambian music scene, rapper Smokedoctah and his crew are preparing to go head-to-head with Killa Ace. 

The Ghetto Noir Ambassadorz (G.N.A) are launching their new mixtape on the 14th December, 2013 at Duplex Nightclub and on the same day, Killa Ace is also launching his debut CD album, Another Critical Experiment at Jakarlo.   

Yes, Gambian rap feud is back in the spotlight! 

Some of Killa Ace’s fans are accusing Smokedoctah of deliberately trying to sabotage the young rapper’s album launch. 

The head of the Ghetto Noir Ambassadorz, however, has denied any sort of sabotage and laughed it off as he said: “Naaa, it’s just a coincidence!  It’s my management team that decides the dates, but I don't think it’s going to be a problem because we got different crowds.” 

Smokedoctah is one of the country’s most recognized veteran rappers. He started his rap career while attending college in Toronto, Canada. His first single made it on the Afrolution Vol.1, a collection of classic African hip-hop. 

Killa Ace

Killa Ace was one of his protégés, but recently their relationship deteriorated and the beef between the two is at full force. 

Speaking about G.N.A’s new mixtape, Smokedoctah said: “It’s a mixtape featuring upcoming talents I’ve been working with.  G.N.A is a movement that's into music, sports and fashion.” 

Gambian music fans are now waiting to see if Killa Ace has all that it takes to defeat his former mentor. It’s on the 14th December – Smokedoctah at Duplex Nightclub and KIlla Ace at Jakarlo. 


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