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ST’s “Jatoo” music video goes viral and wins praise
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ST’s “Jatoo” music video goes viral and wins praise

Superstar rapper, ST, aka Brikama Boyo, this week released his first music video of the year much to the delight of fans who have been waiting. 

The much-anticipated music video for the song Jatoo, which was premiered on YouTube and other social media platforms, racked up about 100, 000 views in 48 hours of release. 

Jatoo, which is the Mandinka language word for lion, paints a glowing picture of the trials and triumphs of fatherhood using himself as the central character of the story. 

In what is seen by many observers as a tribute dedicated to his newborn baby, the Brikama-born superstar directly addresses his first son, telling him how he has made it in life through self-reliance and hard work. 

Those values, he says, are a universal formula for success irrespective of one's craft or trade. 

Soon after its launch, the music video received rave reviews with tens of thousands of views on YouTube in a short period. 

Petroleum engineer cum art critic, Latirr Carr, led the reactions: ‘’Time to set a target for Mandinka fluency! No joke this time around... This time next year, I'll be breaking it down for y'all and coming out with the Remix! Just Wow!’’ 

Renowned videographer and producer Babucarr Manka addressed his comments to his owned toddler, Alhagie Basirou, telling him to get the song as a gift upon reaching 50 years. He said the song speaks for him by chronicling the everyday struggles he encounters a young hardworking father.

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