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Star Girl gifted a car by male admirer!
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Star Girl gifted a car by male admirer!

Controversial dancehall singer, Star Girl was recently gifted a new car by one of her male admirers, known only as Father Moss.

Taking to TikTok live, the singer couldn't contain her excitement. "Today, I am beyond happy," she gushed. "My brother, Father Moss, brought me a car! I can’t believe it!"

She went on to share her shock at the extravagant present. "I was surprised. He brought me a car! At first, I didn't want to show it off on social media, but I just had to."

Turning the camera on her male admirer, who was chilling in the car, Star Girl urged him to greet her fans. "Father Moss, say hello to my fans!"

"How are you, fans? Are you cool?" he coolly replied. "I don’t like talking too much. I did what I had to do."

Star Girl couldn't thank him enough, singing his praises. "This is Father Moss, the big man in town. Thank you so much, bro."

She wrapped up by giving fans a closer look at the car, repeating her gratitude. "The car is here, everyone. Father Moss, thank you so much!"

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