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Swedish-Gambian singer, Aminatah drops new single
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Swedish-Gambian singer, Aminatah drops new single

After awesome collaborations with popular artists like Gee and T Smallz, Aminatah’s new single is here.

The Swedish-born Gambian singer dropped Don’t Forget Me on Monday. It is the first released single from her upcoming album.

According to Aminatah, it was produced by Ubong Edem Ukor (Greenlight Media) and mixed/mastered by Malang Fatty (GSC Records).

She said: "Don’t Forget Me is about a vacation love, about falling for someone but being aware of that one of the two partners have to pack his or her bag and leave at some point. It’s meant to be encouraging - to enjoy the last moments you have to spend together rather than moping and feeling sad. It's based on own experience and I’m actually advising myself in it as well.”

Aminatah started singing ten years ago. Unlike most Gambian artists, she went to school to learn music – both in Sweden and the USA.

She told What’s On-Gambia: “Now I’m focusing more on my own career rather than background vocals and songwriting.”

During her recent visit in the country, the young talented singer has worked with popular producers like Hansin of ShyBoy Entertainment.

“I’ve done collaborations with T-Smallz, Gee, Artenola, Poetic X, Omid Wisdom Silky Criss and performed with most of them. I was one of the opening artists for Timaya at the stadium and also performed at some of the launching parties and shows held at the Pencha Mi Hall and Alliance Franco,” said Aminatah.

Click below and listen to Don’t Forget Me!


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