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T Smallz Suso eyeing international fame: The “troublemaker” invades Senegal
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T Smallz Suso eyeing international fame: The “troublemaker” invades Senegal

T Smallz Suso is undoubtedly one of the country’s best rapper-cum-singers. He is now poised to break into the international music industry. 

With more than five hit singles, T Smallz is already a superstar in the eyes of many Gambians, but outside the country he is completely unnoticed, mainly due to the fact that he has been focusing more energy at maintaining his success in The Gambia. 

But following the release of his new video, Al Bullo, T-Smallz is now in Senegal.  The Bakau-born artist is ready to follow the footsteps of musical greats like Musa Ngum.  He wants to become the first Gambian rapper-cum-singer to enjoy widespread popularity in Youssou N'Dour’s home country. 

Now seems as a good time to target the Senegalese market, especially given the recent campaign to push Gambian music global. Senegal is yet to see a successful Gambian musician since the 80s and 90s when Musa Ngum was all over the radio waves. 

After arriving in Dakar, T Smallz wrote on Facebook: “Mission starts today, wish me luck people. Representing Gambian everywhere I go. Nyatoo.” 

The Gambian star has enlisted some help to break in Senegal.  Few days ago, he hit Facebook to talk about his meeting with giant rapper, Xuman. He called him the greatest artist in Senegal.  T Smallz wrote: “I don’t have to talk much. My songs are speaking for me.” 

According to him, he is recording a single with Xuman dubbed Up Inna De Air.  The single should certainly help in spreading his name in Senegal. 

T Smallz also revealed: “I’m recording a TV show to be air’d on Walf Koriteh Day with B Boy. Gambia stand up big things ar gwan already.” 

The young star is reported to be in a feud with rapper, Tam 50. A popular music promoter told What’s On- Gambia. “He doesn’t need that now. T Smallz is doing well and he should avoid anything that could bring him down.” 

On the second day of Koriteh, he will be performing at Sinatras in Bakau. 


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