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Tamala is now the most popular hangout spot
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Tamala is now the most popular hangout spot

Famous for its glamorous swimming pools, trendy restaurant and thoughtfully designed rooms, Tamala Beach Resort is now the country's most popular hangout spot.  

The resort's director of Sales and Marketing, Oleg Reznik told What's On-Gambia: "We offer top-notch quality services to our customers at Tamala and this has transformed many new visitors into repeat customers."  

While not located in the middle of the Senegambia Strip, Tamala is a mere 3-minute car ride from the Bertil Harding Highway. For many, being a bit isolated from the hustle and bustle is one of the resort's greatest assets.  

"When guests stay at Tamala, we offer them everything they want. They're allowed to use the swimming pools, gym and other facilities within the resort," said Oleg. 

He added: "Our restaurant and swimming pools are very popular, especially among Gambians and expatriates living in the country."  

Tamala is among the newest hotels in The Gambia. Opened in 2018, it has 140 rooms. 

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