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The heartfelt note which tells us why being a good parent is important
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The heartfelt note which tells us why being a good parent is important

Fatoumatta Ndure has showed her parents special attention on Facebook.

The famous GRTS news presenter wrote a heartfelt note about her mum and dad, that she posted on Facebook to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Candid and beautiful, Fatoumatta wrote: “I am dedicating Valentine’s 2015 to my parents, as they celebrate their 50th anniversary together in marital bliss. Married a few months before we attained independence, this is a great year not just for me as a Gambian but as a Nduren. Indeed, my mum is my role model, defying the notion that highly educated women aren't domestic. Over the years, you went on to have five beautiful children.”

The Kairaba Avenue girl added: “Married at a time when girl's education was low, yet, they championed each other's progress. My father has been pro-women empowerment and VERY supportive of my mum.

“My mum went on to graduate from Macalester College (nicknamed the Harvard of the Midwest, and the same University that KOFI ANNAN attended), and got a scholarship straight to an IVY LEAGUE university (Columbia University). My dad meanwhile graduated SUMA CUM LAUDE (highest distinction) at the University of Minnesota, and got a scholarship straight into an IVY LEAGUE university too (UPenn). Studying in the USA in the 70s couldn't have been more challenging; in an era when blacks had only just started voting.

“I admire the fact that it has always been just the two of you since you got married (making me CHAAT HOLI YAAYAM AK PAPAAM). I love you both, I respect you both, and above all, I admire you both. You have taught me how to trust, take care of the one I love and value teamwork. I raise a glass to what you have achieved together and pray that Allah SWT guides me and Kajally to celebrate a loving golden jubilee together and much more. To hold the deen as highly as you two, and cater to our children like you two.”

Fatoumatta Ndure is one of the brightest young women in the country. She never let her fame or talent take away from the down to earth person she is. Her parents must be very proud of her!


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