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The Janneh Commission report is full of hypocrisy
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The Janneh Commission report is full of hypocrisy

After the brouhaha that erupted from the publications of the Janneh Commission Report and the White Paper, the dust is almost settling down now but many questions remain to be answered: 

Did the Commission go beyond its mandate? 

We have all witnessed in broad daylight sales of tractors that either belonged to former President Jammeh or the previous government. The auctions of vehicles and materials in Kanilai in a very dubious and unscrupulous manner. 

The Ministry of Justice, the employer of lead counsel Amie Bensouda, refused to put a stop to such an illegal act and redress the situation. The entire judicial system was mute as well. Very serious indeed! 

The Commission's Executive Secretary, Alhaji Mamadi Kurang, who protested against the illegal sale of the vehicles and tractors, was forced to resign for "acting beyond the confines of his administrative authority". 

Why didn't Habib Drammeh face the Commission? 

Some people, who worked under the former President for many years, were deliberately exempted from facing the Commission. The reasons being maybe because of camaraderie, relationship, self-interest or possibly politics. 

One of them is Habib Drammeh, a brother of the same mum and dad to the lead counsel Amie Bensouda. Habib was the consultant of Social Security and Housing Finance Cooperation (SSHFC) for the purchase of the GTSC buses and ended up being the Managing Director of the same company. 

Before that, the same Habib Drammeh was the Managing Director at the Gambia Tourism Board when the board was allegedly involved in embezzlement and illegal allocation of land at the TDA, including the Brufut Heights. 

Today, he is appointed The Gambia's ambassador to Spain, after briefly serving as Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service. 

 Why is Alhagi Ceesay the only COP indicted by the Commission?

 Alhagi Ceesay was not the only Chief of Protocol (COP) that served under Jammeh. The results of our findings showed that there were seven COPs who were regularly sent to the Central Bank to collect money for Jammeh. 

In his testimony that is still available on YouTube, Alhagi said he had never gone outside his responsibilities. As Chief of Protocol, it was part of his duties to run the errands of the former President. 

He further disclosed that he had never been to Central Bank to collect money without presenting a duly signed authority by Jammeh. 

Sanna Jarju, also former Chief of Protocol, admitted having collected monies from the bank on multiple occasions without presenting any authority. Former President Jammeh simply made calls to the Governor of the Central Bank, and similarly to Guaranty Trust Bank. 

In their report, the Janneh Commission never indicated having any adverse findings either against Sanna Jarju or other former Protocol Officers like Buba Demba or Borry Colley. 

Why was Alhagi singled out? Only Mrs Bensouda and her team have the answer. 

Was SSHFC's Abdoulie Cham scapegoated? 

The Commission recommended that Abdoulie Cham should be sacked as Director of Finance at the Social Security and Housing Finance Cooperation (SSHFC). 

Remember this, lead counsel Amie Bensouda was the lawyer for SSHFC for a long period and had allegedly authored many contractual documents between the Cooperation and other institutions like NAWEC. 

How can she turn round and admonish the Cooperation's management for wrongdoings after serving for many years as their legal adviser? That's real hypocrisy. Too bad. 

Why was Atlantic Hotel not investigated? 

Among the hotels investigated by the Commission was Kairaba Beach Hotel. Why not Atlantic Hotel? We have the answer for you! 

The sale of Atlantic Hotel, the biggest hotel in Banjul, was allegedly spearheaded by Amie Bensouda. The hotel was sold to Lybians at twelve million dollars (USD 12,000,000.00). Did that money go to former President Jammeh or government coffers? 

Amie Bensouda must answer. The Commission knew very well about that sale but decided to ignore it.

Where is the D25million that the now-defunct Taiwanese Embassy in the Gambia gave Mr Shams of Construct Ltd?

Years back, Mr Shams of Construct Ltd entered into a contract with the then Taiwanese Embassy in The Gambia for the purchase of a magnificent Vvip complex at the Fajara Sea Front to house the Embassy.

Mr.Shams received from the Taiwanese government an advance payment of twenty-five million dalasis ( D 25,000,000.00). While the project was going on, The Gambia severed her diplomatic ties with Taiwan hence the closure of their embassy and departure from the Gambia. 

At some point during the Jammeh era, there was a plan for The Gambia government to complete the payment and acquire the Vvip complex but that didn't materialise. This issue came up at the Commission, but Mr Shams was only asked to write a statement. 

Sources revealed he is a family friend to Amie Bensouda. Their children hang out together; they are friends! 

Why was Halima Tambedou not investigated?

In 2016, Halima Tambadou, who served as Zineb Jammeh’s Permanent Secretary (also the current Permanent Secretary for First Lady Fatoumata Bah-Barrow) allegedly authorized the unlawful use of public funds to finance a private activity of the former First Lady Zineb Jammeh - the 2016 Cancer Walk. 

Guess what? Halima Tambadou is the biological sister of the current Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Abubakarr Baa Tambadou, who appointed Lead Counsel Amie Bensouda. 


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