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OPINION: Is being a woman now a disability in Gambia?
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OPINION: Is being a woman now a disability in Gambia?

A question triggered by behaviours and reactions manifested online by our cognitively disabled feminists. These e-feminists whose collective relevance is confined to Facebook see everything from the prism of gender. 

They have a patrol team whose primary role is a daily trawling of Facebook looking for men to shame. They are hypersensitive. They strike fear in people around them. They can be malicious, they will deliberately twist your words and launch a hate campaign against you with the help of their collaborators. 

The past couple of weeks, the snowflakes were up in arms angered by Momodou Sabally. What he wrote was not an issue to them, but the fact that it was directed at a broadcasting female journalist, Fatou Touray. 

The same week, former Junta Spokesman Ebou Jallow called President Barrow a “lame duck President”. And where was the outrage? There was none because the President is a man. If this was said to Dr Isatou Touray, it would’ve been different. 

Every week, people (men and women) uttered derogatory remarks towards the occupant of the highest political office in The Gambia, yet his family or associates never made a gender-related complaint about it. 

They claimed to be fighting for gender equality, but their actions point to the contrary. What they want is preferential treatment. How can you call for equality, yet whenever you are engaged in heated arguments you will come out of it crying sexism. 

The truth is, these snowflakes want to be treated as disabled people, wrapped in cotton wool and place on a pedestal. They are very quick to start a debate, but once cornered, they will pull their old trick accusation of chauvinism. 

Quite often they will say “you shouldn’t say that to a woman”, that means it would have been okay if it were said to a man. Isn’t it contradictory that a group of so-called feminists who claimed to be advocating for equality but once treated as wished, they cry foul? 

If they have their way, they will reset our social settings in line with western culture with no regard to our religion, culture and values. They will make all of us feel like walking on eggshells around female relatives, colleagues or neighbours. 

The good news is that the overwhelming majority of Gambians do not care about their existence and their hopeless cause.

By Saul Sarr


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