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The rise and fall of Tenneng Gitteh at GRTS
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The rise and fall of Tenneng Gitteh at GRTS

On the morning of that fateful day she got appointed as a reporter with the nation’s broadcaster, GRTS, Tenneng clenched her soft and seductive fists and let out a cry of eureka. Finally, she has arrived she exclaimed. But this wasn’t to be.

Soon after her appointment, fame took to her head; she first ditched her legal studies at the University of The Gambia, then her friends and eventually her high school class mates. As proverbs would have it, pride comes before a fall and Tenneng Gitteh has fallen from grace and fame albeit in most spectacular fashion.

Tenneng has confirmed she has stepped down from her news presenting role after GRTS hired veteran journalist, Jainaba Nyang.

The TV star, a former beauty queen, released a statement saying her time as a news anchor has ‘probably’ come to an end.

“I regrettably announce, I would not be delivering the news to you for now. For some reasons unknown to me, but known to Allah, my time on the desk has probably come to an end. It was an honour to have been opportune and given such an important platform and I thank the management and staff of GRTS for such a fulfilling journey.”

Sources intimated that she is one of the causalities of Director General Ebrima Sillah’s efforts and merit based promotions to regain the national broadcaster’s lost glory and stamp out mediocrity.

However, in some quarters especially among Tenneng’s university and high school class mates, she is a victim of fame.

”Tenneng used to be so cool and focused but once she got into  this beauty and news broadcasting business, fame took to her head and she snubbed all of us both on and offline which came to all of us as a shock. I have since deleted her from my Facebook because she never replied to my messages even though we were so close in school.” said one of her university class mates.

Another source nestled within the corridors of GRTS wondered at Tenneng’s folly of abandoning her legal studies when she was almost a senior at the University of The Gambia.

“The tragic part of the entire ‘wahala’ is the fact that she abandoned her law studies at UTG to chase fame and spotlight only to be downgraded to a mere news gatherer after former President Jammeh’s influence can no longer cement her spot in front of the cameras as a news anchor. What a tragedy of youth and opportunity wasted. She should have educated herself like Alhaji Abubacarr Darboe and Ebrima Baldeh who both went on to complete their studies despite working and being on the spotlight for years,” our source revealed .


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