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The testimony of YCFaC
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The testimony of YCFaC

In 2014, Your Change For A Change (YCFaC) a group of Young People in The Gambia first wrote a proposal for a free national health fair in The Gambia due to the high prevalence of diseases such as Malaria, Diabetes, Hypertension etc then took it to the ministry of health to meet with the minister for a possible partnership. While they applauded them for a great initiative, they made it clear to them that they didn’t have the capacity nor the budget to support it.

Quitting was not an option for them. Without any funding or budget, they dug into their pockets and put up their pennies and dimes, well bututs and dalasis in this case. They self-funded the first ever free health fair in The Gambia. Since then they have gone on and conducted free health fairs in every single administrative region in The Gambia,

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