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The Tobaski dress inspired by Lady Gaga
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The Tobaski dress inspired by Lady Gaga

Isatou Ceesay was definitely on bright display on Tobaski day. Her colourful outfit captured the attention of many.

Taking to her blog recently, she revealed it was inspired by Lady Gaga. The Finland-based ebadu fashionista admitted she looked to the American superstar's Oscar gown for inspiration when she was planning what to wear on Tobaski.

"The idea came to me during this year’s Oscars when I saw Lady Gaga’s Oscar after party look. I immediately fell in love with it. But since we are two super different people, I couldn’t go for the exact style. So I had to come up with my own Swyt Gaga look lol. In a nutshell, the look was inspired by Lady Gaga."

She continued: "It can be very stressful to make an outfit especially if you don’t have a sewing machine. So since my sister was in Gambia at that time, I took that opportunity to get my dress sewn in the Gambia. I sent her my style idea and she got it perfectly sewn with the help of her husband."

However, Isatou disclosed that she added her own twist to the outfit after receiving it.

"I added the abaya’s beaded neck to my outfit. Used the sleeves to close the opening in front of my dress because I didn’t want to show skin."


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