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This is exactly how Haddy Faye met Raafat Al-Ahmar
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This is exactly how Haddy Faye met Raafat Al-Ahmar

Ghana-based Gambian actress, Princess Shyngle is believed to have introduced Haddy Faye to her Syrian-born husband, Raafat Al-Ahmar.

The couple, who got married on Saturday in Bakau, started dating ten years ago - shortly after Haddy completed her senior secondary education at Ndow’s Comprehensive.

An Africell insider disclosed to What’s On-Gambia: “As you already know, Raafat was working at Africell and Princess used to frequent our head office along the Kairaba Avenue. She used to organise events that were sponsored by the company.

“If I can recollect well, during one of her visits she came with Haddy and introduced her to Raafat and that’s where it all began.”

The insider further revealed that Princess and Haddy, who is now one of the country’s wealthiest young women, were close friends.

“They were in the same school and were almost always seen together.  However,their friendship started fading away after Princess left for Ghana to try her luck in Nollywood.”

But who is Raafat?

Raafat is a Syrian who moved to The Gambia in search of better opportunities. He managed to bag a senior job at Africell but was forced to resign not long ago for reasons that are yet to be disclosed by the giant mobile telecommunications company. 


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