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Time to step up: Four local rappers set to battle it out in finals of 2013 Cypher Rap Battle
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Time to step up: Four local rappers set to battle it out in finals of 2013 Cypher Rap Battle

The countdown has begun for the Gambia’s biggest rap battle. There is no turning back for the four finalists, Mahu (Serre Kunda), Daddy Ous (Faji Kunda), Lil Omz (Tabokoto) and Kellspek (Bakau). Each of them will take their turn to impress the judges on Saturday at the Alliance Franco Gambiene, on Kairaba Avenue. 

The organizer of the Cypher Rap Battle is Str8 from Jupiter Entertainment. Since the battle berthed on the Gambian entertainment scene, it has congregated the finest upcoming rappers all over the Greater Banjul Area.  It is the fiercest and most authentic rap battle ever in the country. 

In an interview with What’s On- Gambia, one of the coordinators, rapper Killa Ace of the Cypher Movement said: “The Cypher Street Rap Battle is a platform for upcoming rappers to showcase, prove and help boost their talents.”

According to him, they also provide the rappers the opportunity to benefit from their craft.  “The battle started at the monthly Cypher Hip-hop Open Mic. The winners from the monthly battles are given D500 and also a free recording session.  We started receiving a lot of requests from rappers who wanted to take part. We decided to have the rap battle as a separate event in order to give chance to all those interested in showcasing their talent and winning prizes.” 

Killa Ace and his team have really gotten into the spirit. They’re currently busy putting the final touches on the Cypher Rap Battle. 

What’s On-Gambia contacted the finalists to hear what they have up their sleeves: 


The battle is an opportunity for me to launch my career. Since I made it to the finals, I have been on radio interviews, adverts and even billboards. It’s amazing! I will win on Saturday because I have confidence in what I do and I’ve been rapping for a while. I rap in three languages and I have a better state of mind than my rival, Lil Omz. He only raps in Wollof. I will eat that lil goat. Plus I need that D10, 000 prize, mixtape deal and all. 

Mahu a.k.a Mindev 

Hip-hop ly def; I starting it in Senegal. When I came to The Gambia is only the Cypher Movement that showed me what I needed as a hip-hop artist and that’s why I joined the battle. This is an opportunity that I wouldn’t have had even in Senegal!!! 

The battle has improved my writing skills and I’m now popular in The Gambia unlike before when nobody knew me. 

I’m really hopeful that am going to win. I see no reason why I shouldn’t win. These boys don’t have the quality to defeat me. I have been in this game way before them. I have better experience; I know each one of them their flows and writing patterns, so I am going to beat them. 

Lil Omz 

I joined the battle because I know it can take me to another level.  Thanks to the cypher street battles, many people now know who Lil Omz is.  I am hundred percent sure that I will win, because I am full of lyrics. I am far better than my competitors. 

Daddy Ous 

I have been an underground rapper for so long before the Cypher battles.  I have been grinding and seeking for assistance to spread my knowledge in the form of rapping. So luckily, Str8 from Jupiter came up with this initiative. I am getting lot of promotion from it. It is of huge impact on my newly born career and gave me the first taste of professionalism. 

I am going to win on Saturday. All them rappers are weak and I will do anything to win. I promised to buy my mum a Tobaski ram after winning. So I need prays! 

It’s on Saturday, 5th October, 2013 at the Alliance Franco. The winner will go home with D10, 000, mixtape deal, music video and free French classes at the Alliance Franco. 


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