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Top 20 most influential young Gambians in the New Gambia
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Top 20 most influential young Gambians in the New Gambia

Here is What’s On-Gambia most influential young people in the New Gambia. The names on our list include musicians, activists, civil servants, politicians, and footballers.


Preparing to drop a new album soon, ST continues to dominate the Gambian music industry headlining major events like the Open Mic.

Pata Saidykhan

He’s a political activist based in the USA, who is becoming very popular for dutifully defending the Coalition government. Pata holds a Master’s Degree.

MC Cham Jr.

He’s undoubtedly one of the most famous young opposition politicians in The Gambia right now. MC is the Gambia Democratic Congress’ national youth mobiliser.

Omar Jabang

He graduated at the Gambia Law School as the most outstanding student in 2015. Omar became a magistrate at the tender age of 23 and he’s now the head of The Gambia’s only social security tribunal.

Saikou Jammeh

One of the finest young writers in the country, Saikou is the Secretary-General of the Gambia Press Union and a correspondent for IPS News Agency and Radio France International.


He’s the most adored home-based comedian in the country. Kitabu was recently named the Gambia’s best comedian of the year.

Ahmed Gitteh

He’s also known for dutifully defending the Coalition government. Ahmed is one of the most outspoken young members of United Democratic Party.

Baba J (Ebou Bah)

Based in the USA, Baba J is one of the most followed young Gambians on Facebook. Some of his videos garnered more than 1m views.

Nfally Fadera

His effortless delivery of news in Mandinka has made him one of the nation’s favourite journalists. Nfally is currently wrapping up his studies in the UK.

Sainey MK Marenah

He is unquestionably a famous journalist. Sainey is now working for the national broadcaster, GRTS.

Sista Njie

Married to reggae singer, ENC, Sista Njie is the producer and presenter of Wah Sahalat talk show on Afri Radio. She’s also the organiser of the country’s only music award, WMA.

Modou Barrow

He’s the first Gambian to play in the English Premier League. Although the future of his football career hangs in the balance, Modou is still the most-talked Gambian footballer.

Aminata Correa

She was unknown to many Gambians until the formation of the opposition Coalition that flushed Jammeh out.  Aminata is a career politician.

Danny Constant

He is the most sought-after event host in the country. Danny is also a radio presenter with Afri Radio.

Seedy Njie

He’s the spokesperson for the former ruling party, APRC. Seedy served as The Gambia’s Minister of Information during the political impasse.

Kumba Jaiteh

She’s one of the members of the National Assembly nominated by President Barrow. Kumba holds a Law degree from the UK.

Isatou Badjie

She’s the First Secretary at Permanent Mission of The Gambia to the United Nations. Isatou studied in both the USA and UK.

Teneng Gitteh

A former Law student at the University of The Gambia, Teneng is undoubtedly one of best known female TV presenters in the country.

Samsudeen Phatey

He’s an African Affairs, Political, Conflict, and Security Analyst. Samsudeen is also the publisher of SMBCgo.

Haddy Faye

She’s The Gambia’s leading event organiser. Haddy is the official organiser of Youssour Ndour’s debut concert in the New Gambia. 


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