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When will Fatou Camara visit Kiang?
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When will Fatou Camara visit Kiang?

She always claims to be proud of her Kiangka Heritage. But since arriving in the country after more than three years in American as a political refugee, Fatou has not yet set foot in Kiang.

When is she visiting the region that she constantly talked about during her fight against former president Jammeh?

According to sources, some Kiangkas are beginning to wonder why Fatou seems to abandon her father’s birthplace, which is less than a 3-hour drive from Serre Kunda.

What’s On-Gambiacouldn’t confirm whether she was born in Kiang, but Fatou grew up and went to school in Banjul. Most of her friends are from the Greater Banjul Area.

The famous journalist, who owns one of the country’s biggest online media outlets, Fatu Network, returned to The Gambia from the USA in August 2016. 


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