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Tsunami strike! Mighty Joe drops new single ‘Re-play’
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Tsunami strike! Mighty Joe drops new single ‘Re-play’

Mighty Joe has dropped a new single called Re-play featuring Manding Morry. The young singer is trying to build anticipation for his forthcoming album, which he plans to release before the end of the year.

He explained: “Well, for me at the beginning of every year a new song should be made. Re-play is already a hit tune in town and I want to thank the fans for the support.”

Mighty Joe disclosed he’s about to enter studio to record another new track featuring the newly crowned king of afro-manding, Jali Madi Kanuteh.

“Very soon, my management team will release the date and venue for my new album launching. We are also working on new music videos. It’s a non-ending project to satisfy the fans and take Gambian music to the next level,” he told What’s On-Gambia.

The Woman of my Worldhit maker has enlisted some of the country’s powerful producers and promoters to help with the recording and promotion of the album.  Gambian international star-cum-producer, Singateh is behind the Re-play track. 

Mighty Joe is poised to bring a different edge to his music.

He said: “I’m asking for prayers and support from all music lovers. I’m working on a huge project and I want it to be successful.”

Click below to listen toRe-play.



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