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Vote for Haddijatou Jobe: The Gambia girl who wants to become Miss Africa-USA
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Vote for Haddijatou Jobe: The Gambia girl who wants to become Miss Africa-USA

Born as Haddijatou Jobe, Haddi, as she is fondly called by all, is from the smiling coast of Africa: The Gambia. She migrated to the U.S at the age of 11 in search of a better education and a more promising future. Being the only one of three children to attend college, she carries the responsibility of breaking the barrier that prevented her brother and sister from pursuing higher education.

Throughout her life she lived with aunts and uncles. During the little time she resided with her parents, she only remembers a few fond memories of what it feels like to have both parents present. As a result, it continues to be something she yearns for everyday of her life. During those times, she had witnessed her mother’s efforts with ambition, love, and faith to do everything for her daughter to be happy. Because of this, Haddi dedicated her life to help mothers in Africa, specifically those who experience the painful yet beautiful journey of pregnancy and childbirth.Haddi

As a finalist, Haddi’s goal is to work on her platform (Maternal Mortality) through her foundation Women’s World, to bring awareness to the many deaths mothers encounter every day during child birth. These women need our help and funding for better medicine and more efficient hospitals in Africa starting with her homeland The Gambia. Through the aid of sponsorship and donations, Haddi plans to provide funds to hospitals and clinics in the Gambia.

Haddi is a reliable and responsible person who will focus on getting the job done! She is a member of the National Technical Honor Society and has a passion in all things related to health and science.

Currently, she is a student at Montgomery College working towards a nursing degree. Her career ambition is to obtain a Master’s of Science in Nurse Anesthesia (MSNA).

She wants to give back to her community in Gambia as well as other countries in Africa. She says the future of our children is in our hands and we must work for a better tomorrow!

Haddi says: “It is through the experience of witnessing the strong women around me that made me realize that there is more to women than just beauty and physique.”

In a Facebook status update, Haddi would like Gambians to support her win the Miss Africa-USA beauty pageant. She wrote: “Please everyone vote for me by clicking the link below. Whichever finalist receives the most votes will be crowned the people's princess on June 29th 2013 at the Miss Africa USA Pageant 2013-2014.Thank You!”


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