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VP Touray angers young Gambians by suggesting they’re lazy
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VP Touray angers young Gambians by suggesting they’re lazy

The Vice President is drawing scorn from young Gambians after she suggested that they're lazy. 

Dr Isatou Touray used an interview with journalists to attack young Gambians for "refusing" to work as labourers during the offloading of the COVID 19 emergency food aid at the MacCarthy Square in Banjul.

She said: "All these people you’re seeing uploading and offloading are Guineans, Malians, Senegalese or Sierra Leoneans and other nationalities."

Responding to the Vice President, the youngest councillor in the Kanifing Municipal Council, Kemo Bojang (UDP) wrote on Facebook: "Someone please remind VP Touray that our dream isn’t to labour for the president nor do we wish for any other young African to do so."

He accused Dr Touray of disrespecting young Gambians for calling them lazy. 

Former Newspaper editor, Nanama Keita also commented: "The audacity, if not the sheer selfishness, in some of these African politicians. You sent your children to elite universities in the West while expecting the children of the voter to settle for manual labour jobs.

"Yes, there’s dignity in labour, but that’s what my father did as a peasant farmer - manual labour. And it shouldn’t hurt when his son dreams to become a medical doctor. Just like your children."

Famara Fofana, a freelance journalist and author of the book 'When My Village Was My Village", argued: "For far too long, our youth have been labelled all sorts of names, lampooned and caricatured by the same system that couldn't cater for their needs. Typical scapegoating!"

Opposition youth leader, MC Cham Jr. also weighed in saying: "This is an insult to the country’s youths. She speaks carelessly and sounds like she does not care about youth unemployment in the country."

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