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REVEALED: Nigerians involved in Trust Bank hacking
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REVEALED: Nigerians involved in Trust Bank hacking

The Gambia Police Force has confirmed that Trust Bank's banking system was penetrated by Nigerian hackers and clients' money stolen. 

In an interview with What's On-Gambia, police PRO Lamin Njie disclosed: "The case is under investigation. Certain individuals were arrested in connection to the matter, including some Nigerians."

He further revealed the hackers, whose names he didn't disclose, are currently helping the police in their investigations. 

When asked how many Nigerians were involved in the hacking, Njie responded: " The investigators fear the release of details as at now could jeopardise the progress of the investigations."

However, an insider at Trust Bank's main office in Banjul told this outlet that some of the suspects are workers at the bank. 

"They made heavy withdrawals via mobile banking. The hackers had partners in the bank who provided them with all the details they needed for their operation," she said.

The insider, who begged for anonymity, added: "Some customers have already started moving their money because they no longer have confidence in the bank. They were shocked to discover unusual transactions in their accounts that were not done by them."

A source close to the Police Headquarters also disclosed to What's On-Gambia: "The culprits of the hacking and some staffers were arrested and detained at the Fraud Squad in Banjul but were later granted bail. The case is being handled by one ASP Sanyang."

He alleged: "Trust Bank might resort to unnecessary charges to recover the lost sums through customers."

When contacted, the bank's media relations officer refused to comment on the hacking that has allegedly caused financial loss to the bank and customers. 

More about the hacking and the involvement of Trust Bank workers coming next week! 

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