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Was Attack denied British visa?
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Was Attack denied British visa?

The organisers of the Senegambia Cultural Festival in England have rubbished rumors that rap-mbalax star Attack was refused a visa by the British Embassy Banjul.

According to Babou Njie-Sallah, the "Bomb" hitmaker is still on their lineup as they wait for a response on his visa application.

"We are still waiting to hear from the High Commission. Hopefully this week, we will know," he said.

According to him, the rumor circulating that Attack was denied a visa is completely false.

The annual Senegambia Cultural Festival is one of the biggest African events in London, which showcases Senegambia culture, art, traditions, and contemporary music.

Some of the top artists expected to perform at this year's festival include Senegalese star, Titi and multi-award-winning Gambian rapper, ST aka Brikama Boyo.

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