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What a mess! Manding Morry romancing two girls at the same time?
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What a mess! Manding Morry romancing two girls at the same time?

Manding Morry is caught between two girls Katz Jawara, the granddaughter of former president Sir Dawda Kairaba Jawara and Saffie Bah, a well-known socialite girl. How is he able to handle two women at once? What a genius! 

If the latest rumours are true, it looks like the afro-manding star has broken up with Katz to rekindle his relationship with Saffie.  The pair have been spending more time together over the last weeks. A source close to Manding Morry disclosed to What’s On-Gambia that he recently warned Saffie to keep a distance from popular rappers like Gee. 

Revealing the details of the famous love triangle, our source added: “Manding will never let Katz go. She supports him in all aspects of his singing career.  Katz is the founder and coordinator of his fans club, Manding Empire. They may have some kind of agreement because she seems cool with whatever he does.” 

According to our source, Manding Morry and Katz are enjoying a ‘relationship with benefits’ and she’s seemingly not bothered by the singer’s erratic on-and-off again relationship with Saffie.  One day he’s with her and the next he’s running to the socialite girl. 

“His love for Saffie is stronger. Last valentine, Katz was so furious that he was spending less romantic moments with her,” said our source. 

A Manding Empire insider revealed that Manding Morry is trying to juggle both girls and still not ready to be faithful to anyone. 

“He is a handsome man, with girls running after him and he’s enjoying the attention,” said the insider. 

Both Katz and Saffie declined to speak to What’s On-Gambia. 

It’s safe to say that the ongoing love triangle is pushing the two girls apart – and they’re both members of the Manding Empire. Katz desperately wants to reignite the lost spark in her relationship with the Bakau singer.


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