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Jakong Jabbi: BOYFRIEND wants nude pictures, is it OKAY?
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Jakong Jabbi: BOYFRIEND wants nude pictures, is it OKAY?

Well this is a very important topic that most of us have been talking about lately. It can be very scary sending naked pictures to a guy. I personally don’t see anything wrong with it, but it can have both positive and negative sides. 

It’s really hard to find a man that you can trust enough to send nude pictures, because they will always want to hurt you after a break up, which is BAD! But it’s not all men that act this way. 

Some men, these days, are not to be trusted at all.  They hate to see their ex be happy and smile. It’s called JEALOUSY! 

There are always indications a person show, which tells us he shouldn't be trusted, but our strong love for him always blinds us.  We should be very careful with what we do in today’s Gambia, because you never know how it would end up. It’s very confusing, but the truth is what’s done in the dark will always come to light. Think very careful before you send saucy photos to your boyfriend. 

Like I said earlier, not all men are immature, there are some gentle ones out there who always protect their ex-girlfriends and will never think of exposing them. They are the REAL MEN! Those that respect you, despite seeing you naked or bedding you. Those that always think about their sisters they left home, because what goes around comes back around. 

Women are to be respected and be protected by men. Know who to trust and be careful! 

Note: please don't judge me. Am not perfect and I guess we all aren’t. Just my opinion and own way of seeing this problem. 

Jakong Jabbi is fashion blogger based in Sweden. 


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