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What went wrong? T-Smallz, Manding Morry, Bro K and Silky Criss experiencing decline in popularity
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What went wrong? T-Smallz, Manding Morry, Bro K and Silky Criss experiencing decline in popularity

The Gambian music industry is the funniest and most unpredictable in West Africa. It’s always difficult for our young artists to reach stardom, and when they do it doesn’t tend to last too long.

What’s happening to Manding Morry, Bro K, Silky Criss and T Smallz? Are they about to follow the footsteps of Jalex, Dr. Olugander and Singateh.

These four artists were quick to rise to fame, but now it seems their time in the spotlight is over. Some of them are desperately using social networking sites to remain relevant.

Let’s take a look and find out what went wrong:


T Smallz Suso

He hates criticism and his gut reaction is always to fight back using his fans club members. At What’s On-Gambia, we’re always prepared for their childish insults and threats.

T Smallz Suso’s Gis Nga Yow song remains his most popular hit. It was able to catapult him to fame, and made him one of the most sought-after artists in the country. However, after his European debut in December, 2012, the Bakau-born rapper’s popularity started dwindling.

He later released a new single, Al Bullo and he went on to win an award for it. Between 2013 to 2014, T Smallz has released three music videos, but they all failed to push him back into the spotlight.

Lucky he owns a recording studio, a nice ride and travels frequently to Europe.

Manding Morry

Manding Morry

He rose to fame with the single, Gambia La Diya.

“Even the president loves that song,” he once told What’s On-Gambia.

Soon after the release of Nna Kamma, one of his most viewed music videos on YouTube, Manding Morry’s career began to fade.

His declining popularity is blamed on poor direction from his management team. Manding Morry is more comfortable working with young women. His former managers include actress Mariama Colley and National Center for Arts and Culture’s Matty Jobe.

The young afro-manding singer’s on-off girlfriend, Katz Jawara is responsible for managing his fans club. Katz once declared on Facebook that she will always stand by Manding Morry, no matter what.

Let’s hope to hear something new from Manding after Ramadan. According to reliable information, he is busy working on a new album to be launched in December 2014.

Bro K

Bro K

He is just a one trick pony. Bro K suddenly became a household name with his hit single, Nna Sunkuto.
Since then, he has released a mixed tape and few singles, but they all failed to grab the public’s attention. The Badibu singer is yet to produce a song as popular as Nna Sunkunto.
And according to rumours reaching What’s On-Gambia, Bro K is no longer working with ShyBoy, the producer that helped him launch his career.
Our advice to him is- quit music and look for a new career. 

Silky Criss

Silky Criss

He is one of the newest stars in the country, but now it seems like Silky Criss is already fading away. His single, Red Card remains his most successful work so far.

Silky had a very encouraging start, but now everyone is wondering what went wrong. Remember, it’s not easy to beat the reggae dancehall king, Benjahmin.

May be his debut album, still in the making, will help him regain his fame. Silky Criss is a talented young singer.

More on the changing Gambian music landscape coming soon!


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