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Who is Ndigal? A chat with one of his followers
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Who is Ndigal? A chat with one of his followers

Yunusa Ceesay is one of the most prominent followers of Ndigal. In this exclusive interview, we dig to find more about Ndigal, his special powers, misconceptions about him and his sect among other things.

What's On-Gambia: Who was Ndigal?

Yunusa: Ndigal's real name was Sheikh Muhamadou Habibulahi Seck. He was born on the 26th November 1956. His mother was Sohna Nafisatou Seck and his father was Seringe Basirou Seck who was known as 'Jombu Saloum'.

Ndigal was the grandson of Saidi Naa Halieu Seck who Seringe Touba told: "after me is you" - meaning after my turn it will be your turn.

He studied the Holy Quran and memorized it. He read all the books of Sariha and books of knowledge. Ndigal practised Sarihatul Mutahara for 46 years. He was head of the 14th-century Hijriya and based all his affairs on instructions (Ndigal) from God.

Ndigal 1

Is it true that when Ndigel was detained by the former government, he refused to eat and drink for 16 days?

That's not true. He was arrested on a Tuesday and spent the night in Farafenni before he was moved to Banjul the following day. While under detention, his followers were bringing him food which he ate.

Was Ndigel having special powers?

Yes, he had special powers. Whatever he tells you about the future would always turn out to be true.

What are the fundamental principles or pillars of your sect?

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We do not pray as before but we do pray. Ndigal himself said anytime we think of God we are praying as Hakhikha practitioners and when we siikar, we get a reward of 15 days of accepted prayers.

We do not fast as before but we do fast. We have a calendar that we follow instead of sighting the moon. Also, we give out charity after fasting but we use our hands instead of a measuring tin

We do give Aazzakat but in a different way.

We name our babies when they are three weeks old, not on the seventh day after birth.

What’s your response to the former CRR governor that your religion attracts young people because it promotes idleness?

That's far from the truth and his intention was to mislead the people to support his unlawful action of commanding our forceful eviction from The Gambia.

We are not idle people. Most of us have professions and are taking care of ourselves and our families. Proof of this is can be found even in the Kombos here, where some members own successful businesses.

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How many members do you have in your sect?

We're over 3000 to 3500 followers.

When are you guys returning to Kerr Mot Hali, where you were forcefully evicted by the former government?

We have very high hopes and we strongly believe that we will return to Kerr Mot Hali and take back our possession no doubt about that.

Absolutely nothing and nobody can stop it because it's our property. We cannot tell you the exact date but it will happen. God has time for everything.

Anything you want to tell your critics?

For our critics, we do not have much to say to them except to tell them to mind their business - 'maandu' in Wollof. We ask them to follow what they believe and allow us to follow our belief. There is a name amongst the 99 names of God which is called 'hadalu' which means 'maandu' to mind one's business.

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