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Who’s Mahmoud Barrow? Presidential son in American university
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Who’s Mahmoud Barrow? Presidential son in American university

The young man went to Nusrat Senior Secondary School before heading to the USA for his university education.

Mahmoud is the eldest son of President Adama Barrow. He was in Grade 12 preparing for his WASSCE when his father entered the race to become The Gambia’s 3rd president.

“He stopped coming to school when the presidential campaign was at its peak.  Teachers were hired to prepare him for the exams. Two of the teachers were from Nusrat, Musa Bah and Alieu Bittaye,” said one of his former schoolmates.

The former schoolmate further revealed that the presidential son was among the best football players in the school.

Mahmoud left for the USA after his father’s swearing-in ceremony at the Independence Stadium, which was attended by thousands of Gambians.

Why American university?

Some Gambians have expressed disappointment with the president’s decision to send Mahmoud to an American university.

One Lamin Ceesay told What’s On-Gambia, “it’s too early for the president to be sending his children to America for education. What’s wrong with the University of The Gambia?”

In a live Facebook video, UK-based UDP supporter Saihou Saidily defended the president saying he has done nothing wrong for sending his son to the USA.

“There is something we have to understand. I don’t have a problem with the president sending his child to an affordable institution that a president would take within his own resources.  I don’t have a problem with that.”

However, another UK-based Gambian, Fatim Payne argued that Barrow should lead by example.

Mahmoud’s sister

There are also rumours swirling in town that Mahmoud’s sister, a teenager, is also in the USA attending a private school.


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