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Why super drianke, Tina Faal dropped APRC for GDC
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Why super drianke, Tina Faal dropped APRC for GDC

Tina Faal’s sudden switch of political allegiance to the newest party, Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) is one of the biggest surprises ahead of the December 1st presidential elections.   

The former nominated National Assembly Member was an APRC stalwart and a strong supporter of President Jammeh.

But she has now signed up with Mamma Kandeh and has been adopted as the party’s mother, a move that has left a bitter taste in many people’s mouth with some alleging that she is a deceiver and opportunist.

Tina once described the head of state as a charismatic and visionary leader who has not only transformed The Gambia into a City State, but also inspired Gambians to contribute their quota to the development process of this nation.

Her family benefited from her closeness to the presidency. Tina’s ex-husband, Edu Gomez, was appointed Attorney General and Minister of Justice during President Jammeh’s third term in office.

Her daughter, Georgina Gomez, was the Welfare Officer at the Gambian embassy in London before her famous sentencing to five years in prison for her involvement in a tobacco scam.

According to British media reports, Georgina and her colleagues cheated the British taxpayer out of almost £5million after turning their workplace into a tax-free tobacconist.

Why did Tina Faal abandon APRC for GDC?

This is the question on many lips. She is a woman who is alleged to be a deceiver and opportunist.

“I think the GDC is committing a big error by associating themselves with Tina. She is not honest and likes being in the spotlight,” said a source.

Another source alleged that Tina might be angry with the government for not adequately supporting her daughter during her trial in England.

Whatever the reason is, will the Brusubi-based super drianke bring a lot of voters to her new party? Time will tell! 


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