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Will Baba Jarju marry his alleged side chick
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Will Baba Jarju marry his alleged side chick

Jainabou Ndure of Banjul is alleged to be a famous GPA clearing agent, Baba Jarju's new side chick.

The young woman, who lives at the Police Line in Banjul. is said to be Baba's second wife, Awa Sowe's best friend.

When Awa heard that her husband was secretly dating Jainaba, she invited Jainaba to her house in Banjul where she splashed hot water on her. The injuries, according to a source, will lead to permanent scarring.

Will Baba marry Jainaba?

This is the question many are asking after the incident. One of her friends who begged for anonymity, argued: "He should marry her and divorce Awa Sowe."

The alleged side chick's mother is said to be a police officer. Our source disclosed: "I don't know if she is also a police officer but she plays volleyball for the police."

Awa is out on bail pending further police investigations.

Baba Jarju is a Baddibunka. A neighbor revealed: "I am not sure if I can call him rich guy but he has money and lives a luxury lifestyle. He loves women like how fish love water. He's a womanizer. He keeps chasing girls, especially teenagers."

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