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WOG Young Hero Award Final Nominees
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WOG Young Hero Award Final Nominees

Tijan Jaiteh

Nominated for his philanthropic activities and playing international footballer for the country

The Jagne Family 

Nominated for creating the Nda Mariam Jagne Family Foundation, a charity organization with the main aim of contributing to the health sector

Mariama Colley

Nominated for her involvement in youth activism and helping musicians in their careers

Musu Bakoto Saho

Nominated for promoting gender equality awareness among young people. Musu represented the country at many international meetings and conferences


Ali Sumbundu

Nominated for being one of youngest cadet officers serving in the military. He's currently studying at the US Air Force Academy 


Regina Manneh 

Nominated for her philanthropic activities. She is one of the country's leading international models


Samsideen Phatey 

Nominated for encouraging youth participation in politics and establishing organizations that engage young people with their communities



Adam Nyang 

Nominated for promoting reading and writing in schools. Adam is currently one of the youngest authors in the country


Eliana Jarju

Nominated for her brilliant performance in the last Gambia Basic Education Certificate Examination (GABECE). She came out first in the country with 1 in all her subjects