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Gambian with courage – Anter Jatta
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Gambian with courage – Anter Jatta

Gambian with courage: You can raise your children in a strong, loving way, and still chase your own dreams as well. This is Anter Jatta, a mother of two. Despite her parental responsibility, she managed to bag both undergraduate and graduate degrees in the USA. For Anter, being a mother is not a barrier in accessing education.

The industrious Karoninka woman is currently working as a Resolutions & Receiverships Specialist for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, a US Government agency headquarted in Washington DC. She is also the owner of a private business specialized in selling human hair.

Anter is a board member and donor for the Kalorn Scholarship Trust Fund. This trust fund was established to work with hardworking, driven students from low or no income Karoninka families. 

Anter’s success is due to her respect for family values, determination, hard work and love for her community.

She truly deserves our admiration!


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