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10 celebrities most likely to get married in 2018
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10 celebrities most likely to get married in 2018

From Fanta Ceesay to Gee to Haddy Faye, here is What’s On-Gambia’s list of celebrities who are most likely to tie the knot in 2018.

Haddy Faye

She is engaged to Syrian-born businessman Rafaat Al-Ahmar , and guess what? Everyone is dying to see them walk down the aisle.

Fanta Ceesay

She’s one of the most famous female workers of Africell, but Fanta is still struggling to find Mr Right. However, there are reports that she’s now tired of being single and wants to settle down.

T Smallz

Very little is known about the famous rapper’s love life. But he was once linked to a Gambian student who was studying in Taiwan.

Mariama Colley

She is a popular radio presenter on Afri Radio. We suspect Mariama would soon walk down the aisle and start a family.

Danny Constant

Danny is very popular for good and for bad reasons, but among young women, he's popular for his looks. He’s very handsome, funny and charming.

Teneng Gitteh

The former July 22 beauty queen, who works as a presenter for GRTS, is also looking for Mr Right after seeing many of her friends getting married.

Awa Gai

She’s a mother-of-one who is also busy looking for a future husband after many failed relationships. Awa is one of the famous faces on GRTS.

Sainey Marenah

In a Facebook post, he revealed he wants to get married in 2018. Sainey is a popular journalist who currently works for the national broadcaster.


Sources revealed the rap-mbalax giant is ready to settle down with his girlfriend (name withheld) and start a family.

Nfally Fadera

He recently returned home after completing his Master’s Degree in England. Many suspect he might get married this year. 


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