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A Gambia for all! Introducing President Barrow’s Youths for National Development
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A Gambia for all! Introducing President Barrow’s Youths for National Development

The President Barrow Youths for National Development is a civic society organisation formed by the youths of our great nation to champion the clarion call of the government of President Barrow in promoting the ideals of "A GAMBIA FOR ALL” .

An ideal that consolidates our new found democracy.  It's an ideal that guarantees freedom, liberty, and prosperity for "ALL” irrespective of gender, age, religion or political affiliation.

The youths consist of 50% to 60% of our national population, suffice to say our role in the December 2016 presidential elections and the change it brought is indeed immeasurable.

It is our duty today to jealously safeguard our New found democracy; it is our responsibility to maturely promote our democracy within a framework that guarantees social cohesion and integration and as well initiate sound innovative platforms that creates opportunities to enhance a sustainable socio economic growth as enshrined in the national development plan.

Today we are but reminded that democracy, freedom and the rule of law comes with responsibilities and it is our duty as youths to nurture a socially viable democracy that will yield the much needed short term dividend in terms of tolerance, socio economic uplifting  and prepare us to be better leaders tomorrow.

This requires concerted efforts by all.

In this vein we are hereby calling on the entire Gambians population and fellow youths to come and jointly we are more confident that the fruits of our hard won struggle shall be transformed to a brighter future.

Our objectives are to promote President Barrow's developmental agenda, enhance the quest for civic education and improve youth participation in decision making within a framework that continuously advocate for National unity.

The organisation is here for The Gambia and we will actively engage all classes of our dear society society to the achievement of our common objectives in consolidating the gains of the New Gambia.

To conclude we thank the Almighty Allah for seeing us through the formation of this viable organisation. We are also extending our most profound gratitude to President Barrow for his endorsement and by extension to the entire Gambian population for the support and motivation.

For more details kindly visit and our Facebook page "President Barrow Youths For National Development".

To join our WhatsApp platform kindly send your number via message on our Facebook page or please call or sms any of the following numbers: 2000004, 7212694, 7621313, 7786260 or 7729784.




Yours in national development,

The executive

President Barrow Youths For National Development


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