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Abdoulie Jatta quits Islam for Christianity!
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Abdoulie Jatta quits Islam for Christianity!

One of The Gambia’s most famous young poets, Abdoulie Jatta recently made a very surprising announcement: he quit Islam.

The young poet, who is currently studying medicine in Cuba, revealed on Facebook that he is now a Christian who is committed to spreading the Gospel and sharing the hope he has in Jesus Christ.

In a recent Facebook post, he wrote:  “Spreading the Gospel is to me as preaching female circumcision is to Imam Fatty. The only difference is I do it with love.”

Abdoulie added: “I need not any mortal man's permission to preach to the world in general and to Gambia in particular on Facebook. I already possess a Divine license to do just that.”

Some of his friends said he might be suffering from mental health issues.

Abdoulie attended Nusrat Senior Secondary School before moving to Cuba to study medicine. He once worked as a journalist at Today Newspaper.


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