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Aisha Chorr rebuffs Diaspora political activists
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Aisha Chorr rebuffs Diaspora political activists

Firebrand social media activist, Aisha Elizabeth Chorr appears to have refused overtures from Gambian Diaspora political activists to sing their songs.

The hint is that barely less than a month after her interview with Fatou Camara on her anti-Jammeh propaganda radio, she posted a video on Facebook to attack the so-called ‘strugglers’.

The young Gambian woman, who has recently gained fame for her antics on social media, said she would not let anyone dictate to her what to say.  

 “I am not here for politics or to speak on behalf of others,” said Aisha. “One thing I can say is that I am enjoying a peaceful life in The Gambia. There are difficulties in every country you go to in the world and The Gambia is no exception.”

Needless to say, the political activists in the Diaspora weren’t amused by the model’s quip, with one retorting:  “So we did a fundraising for Aisha, now it appears she is throwing stones at the strugglers. Chei Gambians, we take selfishness to another level.”

Sources revealed that the strugglers were hoping to recruit Aisha as a mouthpiece for their propaganda. Some of them even promised to support her financially, but the model is not one to mess with. 

She even went further to take a swipe at Fatou Camara, a former presidential spokeswoman now arch critic of the government.

 “When you were in The Gambia, no one heard you speaking against the government,” Aisha said of her. “Now that you live abroad you want to condemn everything about the country.”

She added: “May God protect us from civil war or anything that could destroy our beautiful country.”

Aisha became an internet sensation after posting a video on her Facebook page bashing semesters claiming some of them live a fake lifestyle. The video which was watched by more than 50,000 people provoked an internet storm.

The mother-of-one received a flood of vicious comments from Gambians in the Diaspora. Some of them labeled her as a jealous girl. 

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