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Alhagie Gai – Gambian with Courage
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Alhagie Gai – Gambian with Courage

Gambian with courage: This is Alhagie Gai, a Gambian businessman in England. Born in Bansang, he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and started his first business after completing high school. From his own savings, he was able to travel to the UK. 

Owning his own business in England was always in the back of Alhagie’s mind. He told What’s On-Gambia; “I started selling local products from home. I got few freezers and little storage at my back yard. I would buy them from importers and every couple of weeks I would also drive to France and Holland to get dewtirr, cherreh, ruii and other products.“

After spending a few years on learning business in British immigrant communities, Alhagie started Gai Njorro shop in Birmingham. “People are getting to know us better and the aim is to always lift the Gambian flag. “

Alhagie Gai is a champion of entrepreneurship among young Gambians living in the diaspora. He is also involved in philanthropy activities. Thumbs up!


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