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Bai Babu messed up BIG TIME, but Demba Njie should be stopped!
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Bai Babu messed up BIG TIME, but Demba Njie should be stopped!

Demba Njie’s recent feud with Bai Babu is not a surprise at all. He claims to be a “freedom fighter”, but his actions and words suggest otherwise.

Demba taunts everyone who disagrees or challenges him.  His behavior is that of a spoiled brat throwing tantrums if he doesn’t get it his own way. Do Gambians really want an immature and unintelligent bandi salteh to be their savior?

According to reliable sources, he was responsible for releasing the audio in which Bai Babu can be heard spewing insults at political activists otherwise strugglers in the Diaspora.

The audio went viral and some of Demba’s colleagues petitioned the US Embassy in Banjul to revoke the singer’s visa to the USA, where he is expected to perform in July. They also vowed to boycott a traditional Gambian event on July 4 if Bai Babu is not removed from the lineup.

Fair enough! The boy messed up BIG TIME.

One of the political activists in the Diaspora during a conversation with our editor said the Fahass hit maker had the option to hang up the phone on Demba. The conversation would have ended.

According to her, Bai Babu was insensitive and inhuman to include the dead in his insults.

The singer received criticisms and stinging condemnations from all directions. Former Standard Newspaper columnist, Latir Carr described it as the most defining moment in Gambian music.

But why is Demba Njie spared criticisms?

The Stockholm-based activist is notorious for insulting people who refused to subscribe to their political beliefs. Time and again, he has used social media to lob insults at celebrities, journalists, media organisations and even senior citizens.

His recent attack at Bai Babu is clearly a ploy to damage the young man’s image.

Demba is a dangerous idiot and should be stopped!


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