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Banjul says NO to UDP
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Banjul says NO to UDP

President Adama Barrow’s party, the United Democratic Party (UDP) has suffered a historic defeat in the country’s capital in National Assembly elections, highlighting the declining popularity of the party among Banjulians.

The People’s Progressive Party’s candidates, Fatoumatta Njai and Muhammed Ndow won the constituency seats in Banjul South and Banjul Central respectively.

The Banjul North seat was grabbed by PDOIS’ Ousman Sillah.

In a Facebook post, Fatoumatta, who is fondly known as Touma thanked her constituents for the trust they have in her by electing her as their representative.

She wrote: “Like I had said severally times during the campaign period even though I ran under the PPP flagship I owe my allegiance to the people. My country always comes first. I am not a politician but came for development and rest assured that whatever is laid to the table that is beneficial to my country shall be fully supported wherever it came from. Likewise, anything tabled by my party or any other that is contradictory to my beliefs and is detrimental to the nation shall not be supported and shall always consult my constituent before taking any action in parliament as that is what should be expected of me as a representative of my constituent.”

The UDP leader, Ousainou Darboe, is yet to comment on his party’s poor performance in Banjul, which some political pundits described as a major setback.


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