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Binta Goudiaby denies being tribalist, desires to meet Barrow
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Binta Goudiaby denies being tribalist, desires to meet Barrow

A video of one of former president Yahya Jammeh’s ardent supporters in the Diaspora, Binta Goudiaby has gone viral and caused a storm akin to a level 5 tornado.

Binta did a Facebook live video in which she asked the Jolas to stand up against the tyranny of President Adama Barrow and his coalition government.

Moments after she shared the video with her over 5000 followers on Facebook, it attracted backlash that can only be equated to the fury of hell.

“Binta Goudiaby, you cannot bring tribal war to The Gambia because Jolas are our brothers and sisters. Senegambia is one big family,” wrote one Mariatou Jawara Amadi.

Sweden- based political activist and socialite, Mama Linguerr Sarr also constantly kept urging her many thousands of followers to call FBI in the US to report Binta for instigating genocide, hate crime and tribalism in The Gambia.

It does seem the threat to call FBI on her and the torrent of abuse hurled at her scared the living day light out of her and she changed her tongue and has since become reconciliatory and peaceful.

What’s interesting is the fact that she is now openly asking Barrow for a job.

Speaking to the media for the first time since becoming public enemy number one on social media among Gambians, Binta dismissed as utterly ridiculous, absurd and irresponsible  any suggestion that she is tribalistic and inciting tribal violence.

She told What’s On-Gambia: “I am against tribalism. Go to my Facebook wall, you will see my comments against tribalism. I have relatives who are Mandinkas. My uncle is a Mandinka.”

The controversial actress added that she has nothing against President Barrow, but wants him to start dialogue with Foninkas.

“Barrow has not said a single word since the Kanilai incident on Friday.”

Binta went on to deny claims that she was among those who instigated the APRC supporters in Foni to protest against the presence of Senegalese soldiers in Kanilai.

“I wasn’t aware when they were planning it. However, I am in touch with people in Kanilai because I have friends and family members there.”

When asked whether she’s a Gambian citizen, Binta retorted: “Let them go and ask God whether I am a Gambian.”

The actress refused to comment on rumors that she was holding a Gambian diplomatic passport before the December presidential election that brought to an abrupt end Jammeh’s 22-year old rule.

“Let them go and find out whether I had a diplomatic passport. I will never answer that.”

Binta was born in Casamance, but moved to the USA 20 years ago. She regularly visits The Gambia and once appeared on GRTS to talk about her acting career and philanthropic activities. 


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