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Binta Tamba fires back at Sophia Byass
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Binta Tamba fires back at Sophia Byass

Dancehall Singer Sophia Byass spoke to Jollof Entertainment TV and claimed that she dated multi-award-winning rapper ST before he met his now ex-wife, Binta Tamba.

"I dated ST before his wife. Like I have been with him for four straight years," she said.

Binta fired back, accusing the dancehall singer of being a desperate liar. In a lengthy message to What's On-Gambia, she wrote: "At this particular height in ST’s music career, I would understand why all roaches in his life will like to resurface and do any and everything even if it may be a circus interview just to seek relevance."

The former model and mother-of-one continued: "How doesn’t she get tired of constantly claiming someone that has never, not once in his life, claimed her, never has ST came out anywhere to claim any form of relationship or even a friendship with her like she mentioned in the so-called interview she did which was as cheap as the hair she had on."

She alleged Sophia sleeps with white men "in order to eat, clothe and shelter herself."

"I don’t bother anyone and I stay minding my business so I call that this nonsense stops immediately. I am tired and the disrespect is enough," said Binta.

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