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Is Sadio Mane dating Viviane Chidid’s daughter?
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Is Sadio Mane dating Viviane Chidid’s daughter?

A dating rumor about international football star Sadio Manneh and musician Viviane Chidid's daughter, Zeyna N'Dour is circulating on social media.

According to some Senegalese football fans, the Liverpool star has a photo of a woman who looks exactly like Zeyna as his mobile phone background.

Famous female marabout, Selbe Ndom recently predicted that Sadio and Viviane's daughter would soon become a married couple.

She told SenBuzz: "They will get married. I have seen it and Zeyna will live a long life."

According to Selbe, who is well known for causing controversy, the rumor that the pair are dating is true. She said: " The two of them are in an intimate relationship. Sadio Mane and Zeyna N'Dour love each other."

The Casamance-born is the most talked about footballer in Senegal after lifting two trophies this year - the Carabao Cup for Liverpool and the Africa Cup of Nations for Senegal.

Sadio currently earns 100,000 pounds a week at Liverpool, according to Spotrac, which means he has a yearly salary of 5.2 million pounds.

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