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Black is beautiful: 10 reasons why Juka is Queen
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Black is beautiful: 10 reasons why Juka is Queen

She's dark and beautiful and she knows it. She embraces, nourishes and celebrates her true complexion. That pure undiluted glowing dark skin sets her apart.

Here are 10 reasons why Juka Lion Darboe is Queen:

Her kinky hair

She epitomizes the true renaissance of the African woman. Unlike ladies of her generation, she carries her Afro head held up shunning the tempting extensions of Brazilian or Mexican human hairs.

Juka is a trailblazer

She's one of the few female engineering students that the country produces. She's wrapping up Adv. Diploma in mechanical engineering at GTTI.

Juka is a Mandela fellow

Her admirable leadership track record in actively engaging in youth and voluntary services earned her a place in the well-respected US government funded Mandela fellowship.

Juka is connected

Juka can probably open any door in The Gambia. Her circle of network is beyond borders. Buba Ndour is just a text message away. She's on first name basis with Carlou D of Senegal. In The Gambia her contact spans across every section of the society: from footballers to musicians and politicians.

Juka is intellectual

Harry Porter is 20 years old this week. Juka is renowned for unhealthy love for JK I Rowling's masterpiece. In addition to this, she's engaged with a collection of books. Whiles most of her contemporaries are busy on Instagram, she turns to books enrich herself.

Juka and Gambian Music

Juka is heavily involved in our budding music industry. She works at Sunland Music, probably the best production company in the country, directly under Hakim. She runs operational matters in the absence of her boss who's a frequent traveller.

Fashion Weekend

Since its founding, Juka has consistently volunteered for The Gambia's biggest fashion exhibitions.

Juka champions a lot of causes

She's a coach and mentor at Starfish International, a grassroots organization that support and empower girls and education. She's an executive member of Give1 Project as well as the defunct YCFaC among others.

Juka and politics

She's heavily political and is renowned for her public support for the Coalition government since the beginning when it was dangerous to be opposition. Her involvement inspired many young people to get involved during the campaign period. 


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