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Celebrating The Gambia’s Golden Jubilee! What Gambians think
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Celebrating The Gambia’s Golden Jubilee! What Gambians think

The Gambia is celebrating its golden jubilee today, What’s On-Gambia was out in the Brusubi area to ask Gambians what they think about the nation clocking 50.

Sainabou Joof

Sainabou Joof, Businesswoman

First of all, I would like to thank Almighty Allah for granting us this day. To be independent is a very beautiful feeling, especially when it is accompanied with peace and harmony.  The credit goes to our leaders right from 1965 to date. I can’t express enough of how excited I am for the golden jubilee. Long live The Gambia!

Habbisatou Yatim

Habbisatou Yatim, Student

As a student, looking at the records back from 1965, The Gambia has achieved a lot. 50 years ago, our colonial masters were not sure that we could take care of ourselves. I am the proudest Gambian today!

Aisha Manneh

Aisha Manneh, Nopal seller

I follow the news keenly, there are countries in Africa that are older than us but they envy us greatly because we are developing rapidly. I pray that the development will continue forever.

Abdoulie Lowe

Abdoulie Lowe, Butcher

The golden jubilee brings hope and happiness. The future is bright for all the youths that are willing to work. We have the enabling environment to excel.

Ba Kajali Drammeh

Ba Kajali Drammeh, Village elder

I am very happy to witness the golden jubilee. I can still remember when the British flag was replaced by our own flag – the red, white, blue and green.  It gives me great pleasure to see what our beloved country has become. Special thanks to Jawara and President Jammeh. 



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