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Celebrities who are illegal migrants in Europe and USA
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Celebrities who are illegal migrants in Europe and USA

If your mind is blown away over the fact that Njillan Cena Faye is living in Germany illegally, get ready to lose your mind one more time. The famous socialite isn’t the only celebrity who over stayed her visa and opted for a life of an illegal immigrant over going back home to live in dignity.

Here are a few famous people who you didn’t know are living illegally in the USA and Europe.

Pa Omar Jack

He came to the USA to perform at a Gambian event and never returned ever since. Pa Omar is one of the country’s well known mbalax singers and according to sources close to the star, he is working on getting married to an American citizen to regularize his status as soon as possible because Donald Trump is rounding up illegal immigrants and deporting them to their home countries.

Mam Mallen Njie

She once dominated the airways during her stint with Africell and Fila Show on GRTS. Mam Mallen, just like Pa Omar, overstayed her visa to hustle in the West as an illegal immigrant and is not planning on returning home anytime soon. At least not today, not tomorrow, not any day soon.


Firebrand Bakau-born musician was unquestionably the most famous afro-manding musician in his hay day, but now Jalex is an illegal immigrant. He is struggling strenuously to find his bearings in Norway.

Yama Faye

She’s a former model, famous for showing lots of skin during her time on camera. Yama Faye is also an illegal migrant in the USA.

More names coming soon! 

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