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Chei! Girls reveal lies Gambian men tell them
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Chei! Girls reveal lies Gambian men tell them

Dozens of girls have taken to Facebook to reveal some of the outrageous lies Gambian men tell them. The trigger was a post by famous ‘selfie addict’, Njillan Faye, who challenged girls to ‘name a boy’s favourite lie’ in wooing a girl.

And, the girls did not hesitate to come out with an overwhelming response, and perhaps some confessions, too.

 One Fatoumatta Pinky Sisay wrote: “I can't spend a day without talking or seeing you baby am addicted to you. It's all bullshit!”

Mariam Sahid added that some guys would lie that they are watching football with friends whilst away in the arms of another girl.

Other lies revealed by Njillan’s female followers included:

“I will sacrifice my life for yuh!” - Divaliciouz Quinny

“I can’t live without you” – Ramou Jammeh Jobe

“Nobody can ever love you like the way I do” - Acy Nana Tamba

“She is my sister/cousin” - Isha Dior Divacilious

“You are my final destination” – Mai Jammeh

“Trust me I am not a fuck boy” – Mariam Bassen

"Ohhh i love your parents, they so nice. I have never told this to anyone before"- Ajara Samba

"I was a player but with you I can change "- Fei Fei

However, it wasn’t long before the men hit back reminding the girls that they are also good at concocting lies.

Pa Modou Yaffa said: “Is the same lie from the opposite sex. He is ma cousin... If you leave me I wunt date again.  Sorry bae my grandmother died I can't visit Yu. Even if a billionaire comes I still want Yu. And many more Lol.”


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