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Chem lakat: PS Baboucarr Bouy wants What’s On-Gambia publishers put in jail
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Chem lakat: PS Baboucarr Bouy wants What’s On-Gambia publishers put in jail

Frantic with fear and frustration, the permanent secretary at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education has accused What’s On-Gambia of creating a false impression against one of his senior staff, Muhammed Alim Badjan, the head of the Madrassah Education Unit.

Mr. Bouy even threatened that the police have been notified to launch an investigation against the publishers.

His reaction followed our recent hoax story about women’s rights advocate Matida Daffeh’s selection as UDP’s presidential candidate. 

“Recently, a photo was put on display on the internet showing Mr. Badjan sitting next to the lady said to be the new UDP leader,” PS Bouy says in a rejoinder. “This accusation has brought strong feelings of rage to one of the officers as a civil servant. The Ministry condemns the cock-and-bull story in very strong terms, because the fallacious allegation is not only untrue but baseless,” he wrote in the press release that was published by Daily Observer.

The permanent secretary believes that the What’s On-Gambia publishers should be put behind bars for creating a misleading impression about Muhammed Alim.

“That divisive photo was taken at a workshop organised by Girls’ Agenda, high table beside the lady who was referred to on What’s On-Gambia, Facebook and other snake-oil online newspapers as the new UDP chief associating him with the said party.”

PS Bouy revealed that associating the head of the Madrassah Education Unit with a hoax story about the main opposition party currently led by Lawyer Ousainou Darboe, is enough to damage his (Muhammed Alim) reputation and possibly lead to his sacking.

“I have written to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior for the police to investigate the matter and bring the perpetrator to justice.”

What’s On-Gambia’s editor described the permanent secretary’s press release as ridiculous and laughable.

“I know Baboucarr Bouy very well and most of his activities at the ministry. He should just shut up and focus on improving the quality of basic education in the country.”

According to the editor, the Police have not yet contacted them about the photo.


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