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Comedian Muhamed Darboe announces new talk show
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Comedian Muhamed Darboe announces new talk show

One of Gambian comedy's strongest voices, Muhamed Darboe has announced that he will be hosting his own weekly talk show, Tonya Kesso on the Fatu Network. 

The comedian told What's On-Gambia that his new show, which is expected to attract a lot of social media users, is designed to be a game-changing talk show meant to engage people from different aspects of life. 

"Tonya Kesso will leave no stone unturned by taking a look at all the happenings in our society, most especially things that are detrimental. It will be the platform where untold stories will be told. Nothing will certainly be left out," said Muhamed. 

He continued: "Also, Tonya Kesso is a show brought to serve as a source of education, raising awareness through comedy on issues that will effect positive change in our communities. 

"It will be presented every Saturday from 10 pm. After Ramadan, the time will change which will subsequently be announced." 

Born in Sierra Leone, but raised in The Gambia, Muhamed began his career as a comedian in 2013 on Paradise TV with Alh. Borra and Pa Makang Jallow. 

He's now one of the most followed comedians on social media. 


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